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Sunday Roll-Up   Winners & Runners Up 2023

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Played as




Sunday 19th March

Bob Warburton & Sheila Leith


Les Duce & Marilyn Sivers

Sunday 26th March

Ladies & Gents



Charlie Makant & Mike Kujawi

Ladies and Stand ins

Carol Burns & Geoff Morton

Sunday 2nd April

Mixed Pairs

Mike Kujawa & Pauline Pleasant

Paul Drury & Tina Gleave

Sunday 9th April

Rose Bowl


Winner Tony Cook

Runner Up Paul Drury 

Semi Finalists

Mike Harding & Tony Ormerod

Sunday 16th April

Cancelled Manchester Marathon Day. 

Sunday 23rd April

Mixed Pairs

Mike Harding & Sheilla Leith

Bill Jamieson & Julie Wraxall

Sunday 30th April

Bob Warburton & Debbie Stabler

Charlie Makant & Carol Burns

Mixed Pairs

Mixed Pairs

Sunday 7th May

Mixed Pairs

Steve Wadsworth & Ann Kujawa

Les Duce & Jean Lewis


Sunday 14th May

Mixed Pairs

Bill Jamieson & Lily Drury

Fred Owen & Barbara Riley

Joint Third

Tony Cook & Barbara Cassidy

Tony Davis & Lynne Clark

Sunday 21st May

Mixed Singles

Walter Fry Trophy

Paul Drury

Debbie Stabler

Lynne Clark & Steve Wadsworth


Sunday 28th May

Mixed Pairs

Roger Messer & Tina Gleaves

Roy Merritt & Doreen Aldridge

Tony Cook & Sheila Leith

Sunday 4th June

Mixed Pairs

Mike Kujawa & Sheila Leith

Bill Jamieson & Ann Kujawa

Steve Wadsworh & Barbara Cassidy

Sunday 11th June

Mixed Pairs

Mike Kujawa & Roland Wild

Steve Wadsworth & Paul Drury

Sunday 18th June

Timperley Parish

Bowling Trophy

Bob Warburton

Barbara Cassidy

Roy Merritt & Cameron Struthers

Sunday 25th June

Mixed Pairs

Tony Cook & Bob Clarke

Roy Merritt &  Sheila Leith

Bill Jamieson & Julie Wraxell

Sunday 2nd July

Away Day Northenden

Mixed Pairs

Steve Wadsworth & Marilyn Sivers

Bob Clarke & Jean Lewis

Mark Stabler & Doreen Aldridge


Sunday 9th July

Mixed Pairs

Tony Davies & Tina Gleaves

Andy Stockley & Barbara Riley

Tony Ormerod & Barbara Riley

Sunday 23rd July


Nick Hall Trophy

Competition abandoned due to heavy rain

 Runner-Up Steve Wadsworth


Arthur Gleaves & Mike Kujawa

Sunday 30th July

Sunday 16th July

Mixed Pairs

Andy Stockley

Geoff Morton & Jean Lewis

Sunday 6th August

Mixed Pairs

Mike Harding & Debbie Stabler

Sunday 11th August

Mixed Pairs

Mike Kujawa & Sheila Leith

Les Duce & Jean Lewis

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