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Membership Enquiry Form
Annual Subscriptions for 1st January 2024

Your Car Registration Number is needed to register for the

Parking Control scheme that 

is in operation at the Village Hall.

Social members are not eligible.

Choose type of membership required






A code will be issued on membership acceptance to access Snooker Room

Anyone joining on 1st August onwards each year would pay half of these fees (excluding loan of key fee)

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Thanks for your enquiry!

Any new Applicants will be required to initially meet with at least three Committee Members.

All applications are thereafter subject to full Management Committee Approval.

Any application is assisted by a proposer and seconder each to be an existing TVC Member for at least twelve months and know the applicant.

Social membership is open to Spouses, Partners and immediate family of existing members and therefore must have a proposer and seconder.

there is a minimum age requirement for Snooker membership of eighteen years old.
is available subject to certain restrictions.

A Junior Member must be sponsored by a responsible adult and a Junior Member may not use the club bowling facilities unless a responsible adult is also in attendance.

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